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this ignorant mexican

So today I saw the new Mexican barbie doll, and it got me thinking. My friend is the one that showed it to me and what she told me shocked me. 

She told me that we’re lucky that they made her pretty because mexicans are ugly. This comment was just rude but what made me stop and look at her is that we’re both mexican…

When she told me that I just had to stop and look at her because for a mexican to tell you that? Im sorry but that is just plain ignorance. 

She went on to tell me how it was okay that she had a chihuahua so they could know she was mexican. This was just irritating because she kept talking about how mexicans were short and ugly and ignorant. 

This is annoying and irritating because honestly all the things she was telling me were stereotypical things about mexicans, that the men all are short and fat and wear sombreros, which she knows is false, her dad doesn’t wear that and she has never seen anyone wearing that. 

All that she told me today just shocked me because for a mexican to talk that way about their race like if they aren’t included? Thats pure ignorance right there and you should really rethink about your view on your culture.

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